The Days Ahead

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.

Best friends and Bowties. And jazz music in the City of Fountains! #explorekc  (at Broadway Jazz Club)

I can’t stop listening to this EP, particularly the song Anti-Gravity. Original music by an amazing artist - check it out!

(Source: Spotify)

#prepster #bowtie
Midnight rainstorm #explorekc
Happy 4th of July!
Late night design sessions.
Ed and I soaking up just a little more sun before the trip home. #explorethestrip (at MGM Grand Pool)
Vegas. Landrum. Langemach. #explorethestrip #bachelorweekend (at MGM Grand Las Vegas)

The album is on Spotify! I’m so proud of Dustin for working so hard to create this. Check it out - my favorite track is “Seventeen.”

(Source: Spotify)

Love these goofballs. Family night in NKC!